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Getting Personal with HwangSin

By Panduhkayy

Wed 1st May 2013 - 9:47pm Category: Starcraft 2

Hello, I'm HwangSin of Quantic Gaming. I'm extremely happy to have the chance to bring you another blog to let you in to learn a little bit more about me!



Personal Injury

First and foremost, I wanted to bring up the topic of my personal shoulder problems. I had been playing StarCraft 2 for a couple of years, when I realized that my shoulder had some pain and I may need to have it checked out. I thought that the pain was only a temporary symptom, so I tried to let it pass without seeing a doctor. Unfortunately, the pain became excruciating and eventually unbearably; so finally, I met with a doctor and he told me that I had inflammation on my right side shoulder. Well, it came down the bottom line and I found out I would have to have surgery in order to fix my shoulder issue. So, a few weeks ago, I finally had corrective shoulder surgery; and as of right now, I'm taking a break so that it can heal properly. I’ve been talking to one of my friends, Prime816, and he has helped me through my struggles; and I am so thankful to him. I’d also like to say thanks to all of the people who were saying "good luck" before and during the surgery, as well as all the support after; it has helped me keep calm and want to get better faster :) Now that I am beginning to heal properly and almost completely, I can begin to play more and build myself back up as a player.


Most know that I played in the WCS NA qualifier a week ago; and yes, I played through the pain in my shoulder, but there were other things that got to me as well. We all already know that WCS NA had some problems within itself; like bracket problem, disqualified things, too slow for responses, etc. I played against many great players in my bracket, and the one that caught my eye was when I saw that AxMiya was in my bracket for loser's bracket Round of 4; that was tough. But the next day, everything seemed to change. There was a forced bracket change and Apoc was moved into my bracket and AxMiya went to Apoc’s old bracket. This is when I really started to disagree and feel bad to what was going on, so I was tried talking to the MLG admins, but they never wanted to explain to me exactly what was going on or what happened, so my mind began to race. Later, I posted on the TL thread and eventually figured out that bracket was correct, and felt terrible about everything earlier. I guess it lead me to the concept that, if a player ever feels like that again, that they should explain that to someone and that someone should do what they can to explain it thoroughly to help everyone out; usually if one person has a question, more people have that same question. This, would help everyone and help to stop misunderstandings between players and tournament officials.

To Wrap it Up

So to bring this to an end, I have the WCS NA Challenger in a week and I am hoping that by then, my shoulder feels better, so that I can show everyone how well I can play HoTS; as well as, “getting a wing on my wrist to fly anywhere and everywhere I want!”

Also, make sure you participate in Quantic and AVerMedia's giveaway.  Good luck everyone!

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