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Dota 2: The International Past, Present and Future

By Panduhkayy

Tue 16th Jul 2013 - 11:00am Category: Dota 2

After many months of hype and anticipation, the time has finally arrived for the public release of Valve's much anticipated game; DOTA 2. With the key focus being to integrate the new, incoming public players of the game into the recently private community, without interrupting the already current atmosphere and participants to the game. Already being labeled as the largest release of any game that Steam has released, the amount of players signing up for the chance to play, continues to grow exponentially as the days continue on.

Valve has also come forward to say that they will have, what they are calling a “Game Coordinator” or GC (for short,) this is not a person, but a system to do everything outside being a dedicated server to host games. So, this means the GC will hold login information, store personal game items, setup matchmaking and more. Basically, it will do like mentioned, everything besides hosting the game. The GC’s, will be working alongside the actual DOTA 2 servers; which are called CLUSTERS, and together they will function to support an entire regions game play, through hosting and storing all game information. The data and numbers pertaining to the GC’s and the DOTA 2 servers stand like this:


*Double Current Players*
1. 25 total CLUSTERS Worldwide.
2. 160 machines running each CLUSTER.
3. Each machine can run 112 concurrent DOTA 2 games.
4. A total of 180,000 active users at any given point.
5. A total of 400GB of Bandwidth for server hosting.

With DOTA 2 being the largest Steam community, Valve is still looking to promote and bring in more players and viewers to the DOTA 2 community. To do this, they are looking to hype up the new public game release, by putting on the third annual; The International. The International is an invitational, along with a qualifying tournament put on by Valve; in which sixteen of the World’s best DOTA 2 teams compete at a chance to win an extremely large sum of money.

In August of 2011, the very first International was held in Cologne, Germany; with a prize pool topping $1.6 Million dollars. The final places and monetary winnings fell like this:

First Place: Natus Vincere - $1,000,000
Second Place: EHome $250,000
Third Place: Scythe Gaming $150,000
Fourth Place: Meet Your Makers $80,000
Fifth & Sixth Place: $35,000
Seventh & Eighth Place: $25,000
Total: $1,600,000

The second International was moved to the United States and was held in Seattle, Washington, in August of 2012. The prize pool was the same as the first International, topping at $1.6 Million dollars. The final places for this event fell like:

First Place: Invictus Gaming - $1,000,000
Second Place: Natus Vincere $250,000
Third Place: LGD Gaming $150,000
Fourth Place: DK $80,000
Fifth & Sixth Place: $35,000
Seventh & Eighth Place: $25,000
Total: $1,600,000

 This year, the third annual International, will be held the weekend of August 7-11, in Seattle, Washington. The top 16 teams going to compete this year are:



Now, the prize pool for this year’s International, is a bit more than in the past years. Sitting at a large sum reaching over $2.5 Million dollars, and with a prize pool that large, it’s safe to say that many are now saying they wish they could have a shot at the International title. Well, now is your chance, with the public release of Valve’s DOTA 2, and you never know, you may be the next International champion.

As shown in the above team listing, Quantic Gaming is one of the final teams to qualify for The International, claiming a position where they will face up against RattleSnake on location in Seattle, to compete for the final place of 16th, and the chance to compete for the winnings. Many have questioned if they will be attending, due to the fact that Quantic is not going to attend DreamHack Valencia or EMS Summer 2013. To clear up all speculation, Quantic Gaming will 100% be at The International in August. They are unable to attend DreamHack Valencia and EMS Summer 2013, due to two players being unable to attend and after a team decision, not wanting to play with two subs. Here is what Sébastien '7ckngMad' Debs had to say on some of the matters:


” We are sorry to announce that Quantic Gaming will not be attending EMS Summer 2013. Unfortunately, Sockshka is still unable to compete, and Silent's visa process for the United States makes it impossible for him to come to Poland. Attending with two stand-ins is not an option, as we already hesitated a lot for StarLadder.”

But another reminder, Quantic Gaming WILL be at The International, in August.  All of Quantic's players will be traveling to Kiev where they will participate in the pre TI3 12 day bootcamp.


If you would like to follow The International, go to and click on the BUY NOW option; you will then have the ability to predict winners, vote on awards, compete with friends, win special items and support the teams playing. By buying into the Interactive Compendium, you will be paying $10 for a virtual passport that will help you to keep to date with what is going on at The International. The courier will update as the tournament progresses, and you will have the ability to customize it to your liking. Using your personal courier, you will have the ability to compete against your friends for the strongest All Star team, and vote for your favorite players to compete in a show match the weekend of The International. Lastly, for every goal completed for the Compendium, those who purchase one, receives a new unlock. So, make sure to watch the site to find out what is unlocked and what you’ve won (changes daily.)


Make sure you follow @QuanticGaming and @QuanticDOTA, to see how the Quantic Gaming DOTA 2 squad does during their journey towards the title of Champion of The International.


QuanticGaming on Facebook
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QuanticGaming on YouTube


Written by Amanda Kayy (@QuanticPanduh)

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